Things to Know about Jockstraps

For those who don’t know, jockstraps were initially designed for sports. When it comes to protection, they definitely get the job done while still being comfortable. Jockstraps don’t have materials on the sides. This offers the legs more ability to move.  


Because of that, men do not consider it as a type of underwear to wear every day. However, jockstraps are way different today. Whether you are doing your regular tasks or hitting the field, you can benefit from all the design it has to offer.  

Here are several things you should know about jockstraps: 

What Are Jockstraps? 

First of all, what is a jockstrap? For those who don’t know, it’s underwear that is reserved exclusively for men. It was designed in the United States by the founder of the Bike brand, Charles Bennett. This type of underwear includes a pocket on the front. This allows the genitals to be cupped. Also, there is two-side belts and a broad elastic belt that leaves the butt exposed.  

Jockstraps provide the best compromise in theory. It is excellent for friction reduction, heat evacuation, and maintenance. In addition to that, jockstraps also provide excellent movement freedom.  

Luckily, there aren’t just for athletes anymore.  

For many years, men’s underwear has become tighter and smaller. A jockstrap is one of the best men’s underwear out there that offers comfort.  

Should You Wear Jockstraps? 

The pouch of a jockstrap is made to improve and boost your best assets. However, there are a lot of other reasons why you should consider buying and wearing one. These reasons include: 

  • Fantasy 

A lot of homosexual men have the traditional lock room fantasy. Luckily, a jockstrap is perhaps the ideal type of underwear that can cater to this fantasy.  

  • For Your Mind 

If you are wearing sexy underwear, you will feel more confident about your body. It does not matter if you’re hiding it.  

  • For Your Ego 

A jockstrap can ensure that it boosts more than just your package.  

  • For Your Package 

A jockstrap offers great comfort for your package while supporting it properly. 


When it comes to choosing a jockstrap, always ensure you choose materials like cotton and polyester. These materials are breathable and lightweight. They’re ideal for day-to-day use, whether you are working out, partying, or at work.  

Modal is another excellent material to consider. It is a smooth and environmentally-friendly material that provides a silk feel. It’s great for your skin.  


You have to ensure that the strap is an ideal fit. You do not want the straps to be extremely tight. The reason for this is that it could limit your movement. In addition to that, it can also result in chafing. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be too loose as well.  


Comfort is your main priority when it comes to underwear. Thus, you’ve got to choose an ideal fit. You’ve got to guarantee that the pair you pick is not too big or too small.  

You should always remember that jockstrap sizing differs when it comes to different brands and styles.