5 Things to Prepare Before Turning 60 Years Old

Getting old is something we all cannot avoid. Some of us are actually afraid of ageing, because somehow it comes synonymous with dying. But ageing should not be something we should be afraid of; ageing has allowed us to achieve so many things in life and because of ageing we have become wise and successful. Part of the reality of ageing is preparing for your senior years. Senior years is when we approach the 60th year of our life wherein we are finally taking the back seat and let the younger generation drive the future.

They say over and over, that being prepared for the rainy days is worth it, and this goes the same with when we turn 60, the beginning of our senior years. Getting old and ageing gracefully is something we all should look forward and prepare, so if you are reading this and you are not yet even close to your golden years, it’s okay! Knowing what to prepare for is better than nothing.

1. Retirement fund

One of the most important things to have when you are finally a senior citizen is your retirement fund. While you are young and working hard you can always set aside money for your retirement, in that way you won’t be worried for the next 30 years. Setting up a retirement fund is easy; you can create a bank account solely for retirement. You can have it directly cut from your paycheck or do personal payments. You can also ask for insurance providers to set up retirement fund for you.

2. Housing

This you can get before your turning 60, a house. By the age of 30 or 40 you already have acquired a house of your own and by your senior years you have already paid the mortgage. So, having a roof over your head during your senior years is a must. Not having a house to go home to, can be a problem if you are a senior. Whether it’s small or big, a house is a must.

3. Senior Health Insurance

Ageing comes with some consequences if you have not lived a healthy lifestyle during your younger years. As we age, our cells do not regenerate like they used to, hence we become sicklier. Having senior health insurance on hand can come handy, with an insurance in place you can make sure that your health is still covered during your senior years. Senior health insurance CO comes in various packages, you can check out some online and choose from their different premiums.

4. Annual General Health Check Ups

Not all seniors are fragile and sickly, some are actually healthier and more active that people on their 20’s. Living a healthy lifestyle will benefit you especially on your senior years, but we age, you will be needing to check with your doctor frequently. Ageing is natural process in nature, and we humans will eventually reach the end of our lifetime, thus when reaching the age of 60, annual general health checkups can help you monitor your overall health and enjoy your retirement days, as they say, prevention is better than cure.

5. Having A Young Mindset

Ageing is viewed as an awful event, but we say, it does not have too. Age is just a number, as the cliché may go, maintaining a young mindset beats your fear of ageing. Keep your body and mind active by living a healthy lifestyle, as it plays a very important role in the ageing process. They say people who have a positive and leading active lifestyle live longer and ages gracefully without any complications.

Buddha have always reminded us that “what you think, is what you become”. That is true for those who follow Buddha’s teaching, and it can be for everybody. Having a young body with a negative mindset won’t help you slow down ageing, hence, enjoy every moment and with a little preparation, your senior years will be a wonderful chapter in your life.