How to Take Care of Your Appliances at Home

Many things should be taken into account when maintaining a nice household. Cleanliness and having things organized are just among the few important things to keep in mind, but what about your home appliances? Along with having a house to go home to, you also have various appliances that makes your living much easier, may it be your fridge, your air conditioner, oven, and stove, these appliances need maintenance as well.

Things lasts if you know how to take care of them. When it comes to the health and life of your home appliances, they should last long. Of course, if you do not take care of them, they will most likely deteriorate that it’s supposed expiration. As a home owner you must practice these easy steps and maintenance to take good care of your home appliances:

Routine checkups

When we say routine checkups, it’s almost similar to going to your doctor. Your home appliances need checking from time to time, as it’s better to detect any unusual performance or non-functioning parts to prevent you from spending much more money. You can call an appliance repair service provider to check any of your home appliances if you do not have the time.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and God knows your home appliances needs proper cleaning. Whenever you buy any kind of appliances, most of them have care instructions or requires cleaning every month. For example, air conditioner filters should be cleaned every 2 weeks. You can make this easy by listing down all the appliances that needs to be cleaned every 2 weeks or whatever the care instruction says, this will keep them up and running like brand new.

Years of service

Sometimes we inherit home appliances from our parents or even grandparents, and that is a nice gesture. But sometimes old appliances do not really perform to well over time, but if you still want to keep it make sure you pay extra attention to them. Check the wirings and also the energy consumption, in this way you can just keep using them until they “die” naturally.

Maintenance warranty

Most brand-new home appliances do have 6 mos. to 1-year maintenance warranty. You can use this if you have noticed that your home appliances are not performing well. If you notice anything that it should not be doing, call the store and have their maintenance team check it. If there is really a problem, you can have them replaced for free.

Avoid Overusing

When using any home appliances, no matter how expensive they can be, please note that they do have limitations. You would not use your curling irons for 24 hours, right? Same principle with other appliances that needs rest or if it has reached its limit should be turned off right away. Some appliances are meant to function 24/7, but if some of them should not be used the whole day, give them a rest. Not all home appliances are heavy duty, there are some that are just base variants.

Heavy duty or not, taking care of your home appliances is very important. After all these items are your personal investment, and you would want have a longer ROI. So, do not overuse them and makes sure they get checked regularly.